Texas’s wide open spaces have inspired an unapologetic car culture throughout the state. Every May, Houston celebrates its most creative car enthusiasts with its Art Car Parade, which features cars that have been embellished with everything from fake fur to synchronized animatronic seafood, unusual structures like giant drumsticks and outhouses that have been converted to cars, gymnastic and glittering low riders, and more.

This year’s parade takes place Saturday, May 10 

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Brenna Brock is a State Guide to Texas who grew up in the western part of the state, but soon left for Austin in search of trees, hills, and occasional precipitation. When she’s not shooing varmints out of the garden, trying to cook native plants, or indulging her cats’ every whim, she’s probably chasing after something with a camera. She posts a photo nearly every day on Tumblr at Mr. Cake’s Photo Adventures.