[Poughkeepsie’s] chief manufacturing concerns are the De Laval Separator Company, producers of cream separators and oil clarifiers, and the Schatz Manufacturing Company, makers of ball bearings. There is one large cigar company, one trousers factory, and two companies producing neckties. Numerous smaller shops make men’s and women’s garments, machine parts, woodwork, cough drops, ice cream, and loose-leaf notebooks.

Dutchess County (WPA, 1937)

At one point, Poughkeepsie was quite a manufacturing hub in New York. These days a few engineering component makers, a woodworking machine maker, and the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl manufacturing company remain, but industry and commerce ain’t what they used to be.

One thing we do, though, is hair. 

We wash, set, blow dry. We touch up roots. We do color rinses and highlighting and permanent color. We’ve got weaves and wigs. We do West African braiding. We do razor work. We do foil lites and low lites. 

Main Street is the place to get it all. 

Images - Tom McNamara & Erin Chapman; Words - Erin Chapman

* * *

Erin Chapman and Tom McNamara are co-editors of THE AMERICAN GUIDE. They live in Poughkeepsie from whence they send this dispatch for Field Assignment #10 - Products and Manufacturing/Industry.