Cover of Nebraska, A Guide to the Cornhusker State Lincoln, the capital city, seen from the air. In foreground is the University of Nebraska stadium, May 1973 (Credit: Charles O'Rear) A Nebraskan's mementoes, May 1973 (Credit: Charles O'Rear) Big sports event of the year is the spring football game at the University of Nebraska, an intra-mural event, May 1973 (Credit: Charles O'Rear)

Football in Nebraska is more than a diversion for college students. A State university game is an event talked about and eagerly followed by rural and urban fans. If the day of a football game is not too cold or rainy, the streets of Lincoln are sure to be jammed with people and cars, brightened with pennants and chrysanthemums. The highways are crowded for miles around. Broadcasts of games are picked up in almost every store and gas station from Omaha to the western border; farmers sometimes neglect their cornhusking in the afternoon to hear the game over the radio.

    — Nebraska, A Guide to the Cornhusker State (WPA, 1939)